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Resolve Your Timeshare Dispute

Our Free-at-Last Timeshare Support Manual offers instructional coursework on self-advocacy techniques. Use this manual to work toward resolving your timeshare dispute. Get templates, sample letters, and monthly updates on effective self-advocacy techniques.

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Learn Process

First get the background. Learn strategies to resolve disputes with timeshare developers. Self-advocacy techniques to help you.

Laws Protect you

Learn more about consumer protection laws. Developers cannot keep you in contracts you signed under fraudulent misrepresentations.

Sample Letters

Get sample letters that will start campaign. Learn to advocate for yourself in the cancellation of your timeshare.

Learn How to Advocate for Yourself

Buy our course today. Learn self-advocacy techniques to resolve disputes with your timeshare developer.


Order your Free at Last Timeshare Support Manual. Start the process of advocating for yourself.


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If you're tired of paying high maintenance fees and debt payments for a timeshare that you do not want or need, learn your options. When timeshare developers swindle consumers into signing timeshare contracts, the consumer has rights. Learn process that led hundreds of former owners to resolve disputes with timeshare developers because of fraudulent misrepresentations..

Use Proven Techniques

Our team at The Straight- A Guide Foundation has collaborated with well-known timeshare activist, Irene Parker, to build our Free at Last Timeshare Support Manual. Learn techniques to advocate for yourself. Save costs that would otherwise go to attorneys.

With our Free at Last Timeshare Support Manual, you will learn the same process that Irene has used to help consumers resolve their disputes with timeshare developers. Our 16-module course teaches a step-by-step process. Stay up-to-date with legislative changes. Get ideas by reading about techniques that other members have used to resolve their disputes with timeshare developers.

Persistency is key to resolving your timeshare dispute. Get started on self-advocacy now with our Free at Last Timeshare Support Manual.

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Get started now with our Free At Last Timeshare Support Manual. Use these self-advocacy techniques to resolve your dispute with a timeshare developer.


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