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Buy Free At Last Timeshare Member Support Manual

Basic Package

Our Free at Last Timeshare Member Support Manual teaches proven techniques at self-advocacy. Use this manual to launch you deliberate, strategic approach to resolve your disputes with your timeshare developer. Advocate on your own and spare yourself the cost of hiring an attorney. Get resources and information from professional advocates, and use those techniques to resolve your dispute.

1,495.00 USD

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Premium Package

Get everything in our Basic Package,
plus access to our private community. Leave your questions in our private forum. Members of our community respond a minimum of three-times each week. They (or we) offer suggestions, including steps they’re taking to resolve disputes with timeshare developers. Learn from many voices. Stick with your plan for self-advocacy to resolve your dispute, and get answers.

1,995.00 USD

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Executive Package

Our Executive Package offers more personal assistance. Get this course if you want access to everything in the Basic Package, plus the Premium Package.
In addition, this package provides you with access to professional writing assistance. This is still a self-advocacy program, but for those who lack confidence and may need assistance, our team offers ten hours of writing service to assist your self-advocacy efforts.

2,495.00 USD

Get $500 Off Now


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